Yann Landon

Maître de conférence (HDR) - Université Paul Sabatier (UPS)
Membre du groupe Surfaces, Usinages, Matériaux et Outillages (SUMO)
BR2022, Espace Clément Ader, 3 rue Caroline Aigle
31400 Toulouse
Activités de recherche :

Usinage Multi-Matériaux   –   Multi-Material Machining

Characterization, modelling, optimization and qualification of multi-material machining processes, especially for aeronautical parts and assembly:


  • * Drilling
    of  multi-material stacks: process modelling/simulation; process optimization (machine control, cutting tools,
    operating conditions) on economic , productivity and/or quality criteria; process qualification (capability, energy performance, …).
  • – Axial drilling, Vibration-assisted drilling, Orbital drilling
  • – Aluminium alloys, Composites, Titanium alloys…
  • – Drilling for structural assembly of aeronautical structures

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  • * Milling : process modelling/simulation-optimization de process; dynamic behavior of machine and tools for sculptured surface machining.

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Actual research projects:

  • – Research project H2020 Clean Sky 2 RODEO (Robotized Orbital Drilling Equipment and Optimized residual stresses) that involves 3 industrial partners (PRECISE France – project leader, MITIS Engineering, KUKA Systems Aerospace France) and 2 academic partners (University of Nantes, University Toulouse 3), H2020-CS2-CFP03-2016-01 project 738219, 2017-2020.
  • – Surface texture characterization (multi-material boreholes, composites, cimentitious pastes…).
  • – Surface and material integrity in drilling for assembly. Application to Ti alloys and hard metals.
  • – Material behavior laws including thermomechanical coupling for elementary cutting modelling. Application to Ti alloys.
  • – Vibration-assisted drilling: geometric quality and material integrity. Application to
    CFRP-Al stacks.
  • – Vibration-assisted drilling: characterization of specific cutting mechanisms and model uncertainties. Application to Al and Ti alloys.
  • – Vibration-assisted drilling:
    optimization of operating parameters through the control of the dynamic behavior of the drilling equipment.
  • – Orbital drilling:
    analytical modelling/simulation of the process and optimization. Application to CFRP-Ti stacks.
  • – Axial drilling: quality monitoring through the use of acoustic emission signals. Application to CFRP-Ti stacks.


Activités d'enseignement :

* Composites : material and manufacturing, machining.

* CAD/CAM and CNC machining. 5-axis machining.

* Manufacturing methods.

* Dynamics in machining, vibrations and chatter, High-Speed Machining.


Responsabilités collectives :

* Leader of the Transverse axis  “Multi-Material Machining” and of the team “Machining and Forming processes”.

* Manager of the 2nd year of Master Degree on Aeronautical Manufacturing Processes and Quality Management.


Autre :

Production scientifique :
18 contributions trouvées

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