Akshay Hejjaji

Doctorant - Institut Universitaire de Technologie en Génie Mécanique et Productique de Toulouse (IUT GMP)
Membre du groupe Matériaux et Structures Composites (MSC)
et du groupe Matériaux et Structures Composites (MSC)
Espace Clément Ader, 3 rue Caroline Aigle
31400 Toulouse
Activités de recherche :

Doctoral student working on the subject – The impact of the water jet machining process on the mechanical behavior of the composite structure made of carbon fibers. 

Thesis supervised by – R. Zitoune, L. Crouzeix, and F. Collombet.

Primary research focus is in the field of Manufacturing and Materials Engineering at Aerospace Composites. Present work at ICA is on Abrasive composite waterjet machining carbon fiber for repair applications. It also includes the study of material behavior post machining .