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2018COMJean-Michel Baleynaud, Jean-Charles Passieux, Marie-Laetitia Pastor, Jean-Noël Périé. Simultaneous FE DIC and IR thermography: advantage of a formulation in the world coordinate system. International Conference on Digital Image Correlation and Noncontact Experimental Mechanics (iDICs 2018), Hangzhou, CN[HAL] / [BIB]
1999ACLLucien Wald, Jean-Michel Baleynaud. Observing air quality over the city of Nantes by means of Landsat thermal infrared data. International Journal of Remote Sensing, Taylor & Francis, 20(5), p.947-959[HAL] / [BIB]
1998COMLucien Wald, Ludovic Basly, Jean-Michel Baleynaud. Satellite data for the air pollution mapping. 18th EARSeL Symposium on Operational Remote Sensing for Sustainable Development, ISBN 90-5809-029-9, p.133-139, Enschede, NL[HAL] / [BIB]