Redouane Zitoune

Maître de conférence (HDR) - Institut Universitaire de Technologie en Génie Mécanique et Productique de Toulouse (IUT GMP)
Membre du groupe Matériaux et Structures Composites (MSC)
Espace Clément Ader, 3 rue Caroline Aigle
31400 Toulouse
Activités de recherche :

My current
research activity focuses mainly on two axes:

1°) Machining of composite materials
and multi-stacks
: this part focuses on the experimental and numerical studies
of the machining (drilling and trimming) of the composite and hybrid materials.
The main objectives are the analysis of the damage generated during machining
and the material integrity vs. the machining process and the parameters of the
process. In addition, an analytical models for the prediction of the critical
forces responsible of the delamination at the hole exit when drilling is


2°) Instrumentation and manufacturing of
composites materials
: this part is dedicated to the identification of the
variability due to the process of manufacturing thanks to the in-situ
instrumentation of the composite materials by optical fiber with Bragg sensor
and the digital image correlation. The composite materials concerned are made
of natural fibers (flax/epoxy) and synthetic fibers (carbon/epoxy).

Activités d'enseignement :

– Mechanical
design, Computer-Aided Design
(undergraduate students),
– Manufacturing of Composite
materials (graduate students),
– Machining of composite materials (graduate students)
– Robot Kinematics
(undergraduate students),
– Stress – strain analysis
(undergraduate students),