Research group - Metrology, Identification, Control and Monitoring

Head: Yannick Le Maoult

Group activities

The "Metrology, Identification, Control and Monitoring" group (25 people) is dedicated to full-field mechanical and thermal measurements for experimental mechanics and process monitoring, identification from full-field measurements and NDT.


The main research topics dealt with by the group are:

  • (3D) computer-vision for photomechanics, process control and monitoring, and NDT 
  • true temperature measurements by thermography and infrared radiometry
  • modelling of materials/infrared radiation interaction and characterization of radiative properties
  • instrumentation with Fiber Bragg Grating sensors
  • materials and structures health monitoring using full-field measurements and CND techniques
  • identification of behavior laws from full-field measurements

Research axis of the MICS group

  •   Research Axis Innovative Optical Methods for Dimensional and Thermic Metrology (MOIMDT)   head: Thierry Sentenac
  •   Research Axis Identification and Control of Thermic and Mechanical Properties (ICPTM)   head: Jean-Noël Périé

MICS group membres
Publications of the MICS group

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