Research group - Modelling of Mechanical Systems and Microsystems

Head: Stéphane Colin

Group activities

MS2M-group research topics are turned towards the development of models and methodologies devoted to the multidisciplinary and multi-scale study of mechanical structures and systems, from the very beginning of the conceptual stage until the ultimate validation/prediction of the structure/system integrity in nominal service and/or when submitted to adventitious events.

MS2M-group scientific activities are grouped in two research axes:
  • Systems and Microsystems Engineering - Axis (ISM)
  • Structures and Systems Integrity - Axis (ISS)
Research conducted in Systems and Microsystems Engineering - Axis (ISM) notably aims at developing methods of multidisciplinary optimal design, at the preliminary or project stage, in the presence or not of uncertainties. Analytical studies are also conducted on the behavior of mechanical microsystems and on the micro-flows generated inside these microsystems, with specificities induced by high confinement. Design assisting-tools are also developed for dimensioning high technology systems and actuators.

Research conducted in Structures and Systems Integrity - Axis (ISS) are devoted to structures and systems in their nominal use and failure conditions. Studies notably address the nonlinear dynamic response of large structures and complex systems (e.g. rotors), as well as the response of structures submitted to accidental overloads (e.g. impact), involving large deformation and high strain rates. Structural health monitoring (SHM) techniques are also developed, as well as computational methods and methodologies for strongly (materially and geometrically) nonlinear structure analysis.

The scientific approach followed in the group aims at developing experimental and numerical, methods and tools that can be directly applied in the industry, with a specific attention paid to the aeronautical and space sectors. Accordingly, the group is strongly involved in regional, national and international, partnership programs.

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