Welcome to the Clément Ader Institute (ICA, CNRS UMR 5312) website.

ICA is a research laboratory that focuses on the study of structuressystems and mechanical processesOur research activities are intimately linked to those in the engineering industry. A special attention is paid to projects in the fields of aeronauticsspacetransportation and energyOur work focuses generally on behavior modelinginstrumentation and study of the durability of structures or products. An important part of our research focuses on composite materials, which is now widely used in structures.

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Last published articles T. Lisle, M.-L. Pastor, C. Bouvet and P. Marguerès. Damage of woven composite under translaminar cracking tests using infrared thermography. Composite Structures. 161, 275–286. 2017 [DOI]
C. Sola, B. Castanié, L. Michel, F. Lachaud, A. Delabie and E. Mermoz . Bearing fatigue of composite laminates: damage monitoring and fatigue life prediction.. Composites Part B: Engineering. 110, 487-496. 2017
N. Murdoch, I. Avila-martinez, C. Sunday, E. Zenou, O. Cherrier, A. Cadu and Y. Gourinat. An experimental study of low-velocity impacts into granular material in reduced gravity. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. , . 2017 [DOI]
Open positions Temporary jobs: simulation numérique d’assemblages structuraux aéronautiques collés. Contact: Fabrice Schmidt. (more infos)
PhD: Mesure de champs cinématiques à chaud pour la mise en forme d’alliages de titane . Contact: Rebecca Bonnaire & Luc Penazzi. (more infos)
Temporary jobs: System level modelling and simulation of power‐by‐wire actuators. Contact: Jean-Charles Maré. (more infos)


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