Mehdi Salem

Ingénieur de recherche - Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines d'Albi-Carmaux (Mines Albi)
Membre de l'Equipe de Soutien Scientifique et Technique

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Production scientifique

4 contributions

Article de revue internationale avec comité de lecture

[ACL1]J. Saoudi, R. Zitoune, S. Gururaja, M. Salem and S. Mezleni. Analytical and experimental investigation of the delamination during drilling of composite structures with core drill made of diamond grits: X-ray Tomography analysis. Journal of Composite Materials. , In press. 2017
[ACL2]F. Szmytka , M. Salem , F. Rezai-aria and A. Oudin . Thermal fatigue analysis of automotive Diesel piston : experimental procedure and numerical protocol. International Journal of Fatigue. 73, 48-57. 2015 [DOI]

Communication sans actes dans un congrès international ou national

[COM1]G. Manar, P. Longère, E. Roux, A. Hor and M. Salem. Effect of strain rate on the behavior and failure of 2024 and 7075 aluminum alloys. DSTC 2016, 3rd International Conference on Defence and Security Technology, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), 15-17 August 2016 2016
[COM2]R. Julien, V. Velay, V. Vidal, M. Salem, Y. Dahan, R. Forestier and F. Rézaï-aria. Thermomechanical behaviour and microstructural evolution of high temperature forged Ti-6Al-4V during heat treatment quenching. 12th International Conference on the Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Karlsruhe - GERMANY 2015

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