Ramón Jerez Mesa

Doctorant du groupe Surfaces, Usinages, Matériaux et Outillages (SUMO)

Production scientifique

6 contributions

Article de revue internationale avec comité de lecture

[ACL1]R. Jerez Mesa, G. Gomez-gras, J.A. Travieso-rodriguez and V. García-plana. A comparative study of the thermal behavior of three different 3D printer liquefiers. Mechatronics. , . 2017 [DOI]
[ACL2]A. Garcia-granada, G. Gomez-gras, R. Jerez Mesa, J.A. Travieso-rodriguez and G. Reyes. Ball-burnishing effect on deep residual stress on AISI 1038 and AA2017-T4. Materials and Manufacturing Processes. 32(11)1279-1289. 2017 [DOI]
[ACL3]D. Olivier, J.A. Travieso-rodriguez, S. Borros, G. Reyes and R. Jerez Mesa. Influence of building orientation on the flexural strength of laminated object manufacturing specimens. Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology. 31(1)133-139. 2017 [DOI]
[ACL4]R. Jerez Mesa, J.A. Travieso-rodriguez, X. Corbella, R. Busqué and G. Gomez-gras. Finite element analysis of the thermal behavior of a RepRap 3D printer liquefier. Mechatronics. 36, 119-126. 2016 [DOI]
[ACL5]G. Gomez-gras, J.A. Travieso-rodriguez, R. Jerez Mesa, J. Lluma-fuentes and B. Gomis De La Calle. Experimental study of lateral pass width in conventional and vibrations-assisted ball burnishing. Acta Astronautica. 87(1-4)363-371. 2016 [DOI]

Article de revue avec comité de lecture non répertorié

[ACLN1]J.A. Travieso-rodriguez, G. Gomez-gras, S. Garcia-vilana, F. Mainau-noguer and R. Jerez Mesa. Characterization of cutting parameters in the minimum quantity lubricant (MQL) machining process of a gearbox. International Journal of Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering. 5(1)49-60. 2015 [DOI]

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