Yiwei Wang

Doctorant du groupe Modélisation des Systèmes et Microsystèmes Mécaniques (MS2M)

Production scientifique

6 contributions

Article de revue internationale avec comité de lecture

[ACL1]Y. Wang, C. Gogu, N.H. Kim, R. Haftka, N. Binaud and C. Bes. Noise-dependent ranking of prognostics algorithms based on discrepancy without true damage information. Reliability Engineering and System Safety. , . 2017 [DOI]
[ACL2]Y. Wang, C. Gogu, N. Binaud, C. Bes, R. Haftka and N. Kim. A cost driven predictive maintenance policy for structural airframe maintenance. Chinese Journal of Aeronautics. in press, . 2017 [DOI]
[ACL3]Y. Wang, N. Binaud, C. Gogu, C. Bes and J. Fu. Determination of Paris' law constants and crack length evolution via Extended and Unscented Kalman filter: An application to aircraft fuselage panels. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing. 80(2016)262-281. 2016 [DOI]

Communication avec actes dans un congrès international ou national

[ACT1]Y. Wang, C. Gogu, N. Binaud and C. Bes. Predicting remaining useful life by fusing SHM data based on Extended Kalman filter. Proceedings of 25th European Safety and Reliability Conference, Zurich, Switzerland, 7-10th September 2015
[ACT2]Y. Wang, C. Gogu, N. Binaud and C. Bes. Comparing structural airframe maintenance strategies based on probabilistic estimates of the remaining useful service life. Proceedings of 22ème Congrès Français de Mécanique, Lyon, 24-28 Août 2015
[ACT3]L. Cot, Y. Wang, C. Bes and C. Gogu. Scheduled and SHM Structural Airframe Maintenance Applications Using a New Probabilistic Model. Proceedings of 7th European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, Nantes, France, 8-11th July 2014

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