List of the ICA membres

Institut Clément Ader

Research groups
MS2M: Modelling of Mechanical Systems and Microsystems
MSC: Composites Materials and Structures
MICS: Metrology, Identification, Control and Monitoring
SUMO: Surfaces, Machining, Materials and Tools

Adé Didier Technician
Akitani Silvio Engineer MS2M
Alibert Jean-Benoit Technician
Amar Luc PhD Student MS2M
Amigues Louis Engineer MS2M
Ancey Stella PhD Student SUMO
Androuin Guillaume PhD Student MSC
Arki Sylvain PhD Student MSC
Attar Batoul Post-Doc MS2M
Azib Menouar PhD Student MS2M
Bages Nadine Administrative
Bakrani Balani Shahriar PhD Student MSC
Baldas Lucien Associate Professor MS2M
Baleynaud Jean-Michel Assistant Professor MICS
Barjhoux Pierre-Jean PhD Student MS2M
Barrot Christine Assistant Professor MS2M
Batikh Ahmad Temporary Researcher MS2M
Baumard Théo PhD Student MSC
Ben Abdallah Hamdi PhD Student MICS
Ben Lassoued Mohamed Amin PhD Student MS2M
Ben Messaoud Fatna PhD Student SUMO
Berlioz Alain Professor (or equiv.) MS2M
Bernhart Gérard Associate Researcher MSC
Berthet Florentin Assistant Professor MSC
Bes Christian Professor (or equiv.) MS2M
Bezombes Alain Technician
Bigand Audrey PhD Student MS2M
Binaud Nicolas Assistant Professor MS2M
Binti Mat Jali Norazrina PhD Student MS2M
Boher Christine Associate Professor SUMO
Bonnaire Rebecca Assistant Professor MICS
Bonnot Vivien PhD Student SUMO
Boutenel Florian PhD Student MSC
Boutin Mathieu PhD Student MSC
Bouvet Christophe Professor (or equiv.) MSC
Bouzid Abdallah Engineer Assistant SUMO
Boyer Myriam Administrative
Boztepe Sinan PhD Student MSC/MICS
Broutelle Marion PhD Student MSC
Budinger Marc Associate Professor MS2M
Bugarin Florian Assistant Professor MS2M
Bui Van Hung PhD Student SUMO
Camalet Tristan PhD Student MS2M
Cantarel Arthur Assistant Professor MSC
Castanié Bruno Professor (or equiv.) MSC
Cecena Rogelio Research Engineer MSC
Chambe Jean-Emmanuel PhD Student MSC
Chardonneau Alexandre Technician
Charlotte Miguel Assistant Professor MS2M
Chartrou Marc Technician
Chatti Fadhel PhD Student MSC
Chaussumier Michel Assistant Professor SUMO
Cheikh Mohammed Associate Professor SUMO
Chelaghma Saber Ayoub PhD Student MICS/MS2M
Cherrier Olivier Research Engineer
Chieragatti Rémy Assistant Professor SUMO
Choquet Karim Technician
Cochet Julien Post-Doc MS2M
Cohen Guillaume Associate Researcher SUMO
Colantonio Guillaume PhD Student MS2M
Colin Stéphane Professor (or equiv.) MS2M
Collombet Francis Professor (or equiv.) MSC
Combes Bertrand Associate Researcher MS2M
Coniglio Simone PhD Student MS2M
Copin Etienne Assistant Professor SUMO
Corveleyn Sylvain PhD Student MSC
Crouzeix Laurent Assistant Professor MSC
Cutard Thierry Professor (or equiv.) MSC
Daidié Alain Professor (or equiv.) MS2M
Davila Yves Post-Doc MSC
De Almeida Olivier Assistant Professor MSC
De Poulpiquet Jean-Marie PhD Student MS2M
De San Jose Mickael Technician
Delagnes Denis Professor (or equiv.) SUMO
Delavenne Martin PhD Student MS2M
Delbecq Scott PhD Student MS2M
Despax Laurie PhD Student SUMO
Diemer Franck Associate Professor SUMO
Diourté Adama PhD Student MS2M
Dorival Olivier Associate Researcher MSC
Dorothy Hannah Loïs PhD Student MS2M/SUMO
Douchin Bernard Assistant Professor MSC
Doumeng Marie PhD Student MSC
Dusserre Gilles Assistant Professor MSC
El Bakali Abdelmagid PhD Student MICS/SUMO
El Masnaoui Wafaa PhD Student MS2M/MSC
Espinosa Christine Assistant Professor MS2M
Eyma Florent Associate Professor MSC
Felices Jean-Noël Assistant Professor MSC
Ferrand André Assistant Professor MS2M
Ferrero Jean-François Professor (or equiv.) MSC
Fratantonio Dominique PhD Student MS2M
Fredj Montassar PhD Student SUMO
Geyer Morgane PhD Student SUMO
Gibiat Vincent Professor (or equiv.) MICS
Gilblas Rémi Research Engineer
Gilles Patrick Assistant Professor SUMO
Gogu Christian Associate Professor MS2M
Gomes Romeu PhD Student SUMO
Gong Xiaojing Professor (or equiv.) MSC
Gourinat Yves Professor (or equiv.) MS2M
Govignon Quentin Assistant Professor MSC
Guivarch Damien PhD Student MS2M
Gulla Jean PhD Student MSC/MICS
Hamadi Abbas PhD Student MICS
Han William Engineer MSC
Harzallah Mahmoud PhD Student SUMO
Hazyuk Ion Assistant Professor MS2M
Hejjaji Akshay PhD Student MSC
Hor Anis Assistant Professor SUMO
Huang Jia PhD Student MSC/MICS
Jaillon Agathe PhD Student MSC/MS2M
Jamin Gauthier Research Engineer SUMO
Javaudin Benjamin PhD Student MICS
Jerez Mesa Ramón PhD Student SUMO
Jha Mayank Engineer MS2M
Kamgaing Souop Landry Arnaud PhD Student SUMO/MS2M
Lachaud Frédéric Professor (or equiv.) MSC
Lacombe Alexandra PhD Student SUMO/MS2M
Lagarrigue Pierre Professor (or equiv.) SUMO
Landon Yann Associate Professor SUMO
Lara Ibeas Irene PhD Student MS2M
Larricq Pierre Assistant Professor MSC
Laurien Nicolas Research Engineer
LE Anh Tuan PhD Student MSC
Le Baillif Paul PhD Student SUMO
Le Maoult Yannick Professor (or equiv.) MICS
Le Roux Sabine Technician
Lee Jiwon PhD Student SUMO
Leray Dimitri Assistant Professor MS2M
Li Chen PhD Student MSC
Li Dongdong PhD Student MSC
Li Hang PhD Student MICS/MSC
Lieurey Adrien Technician
Liu Yankuan PhD Student SUMO/MICS
Longère Patrice Professor (or equiv.) MS2M
Lopez Quesada Guillermo PhD Student MS2M
Lours Philippe Professor (or equiv.) SUMO
Lucin Vincent Technician
Luong Phuong Linh PhD Student SUMO/MICS
Mabru Catherine Professor (or equiv.) SUMO
Mackie Jennifer PhD Student MSC
Maffre Catherine Administrative
Magaud Pascale Assistant Professor MS2M
Malek Benaissa PhD Student SUMO
Manar Gunasilan PhD Student MS2M
Mangeard Tristan Engineer Assistant
Manseri Ldjoudi PhD Student MSC
Maré Jean-Charles Professor (or equiv.) MS2M
Marenic Eduard Assistant Professor MS2M
Marguerès Philippe Assistant Professor MICS
Marguet Steven Assistant Professor MSC
Mariuta Daniel PhD Student MS2M
Marre Vincent PhD Student MS2M
Martineau Lilian PhD Student MSC
Mazzoni Aurélien Research Engineer
Medeau Victor PhD Student MSC
Menz Morgane PhD Student MS2M
Miah Farid PhD Student MSC
Michel Laurent Assistant Professor MSC
Michon Guilhem Professor (or equiv.) MS2M
Mitjana Florian PhD Student MS2M
Mkadara Geneviève PhD Student MS2M
Mondière Aurélien PhD Student SUMO
Monies Frédéric Assistant Professor SUMO
Monsimer Adrien PhD Student MS2M
Monsu Marie-Odile Administrative
Montagne Benoit PhD Student MSC/MS2M
Moretti Laure PhD Student MSC
Morlier Joseph Professor (or equiv.) MS2M
Mousseigne Michel Assistant Professor SUMO
Mouys Jean-Michel Technician
Naanani Soumaya PhD Student SUMO
Navarro Pablo Assistant Professor MSC
Ndong Aissatou PhD Student MSC
Neveu Florian PhD Student MSC
NGUYEN-Dinh Ngoc PhD Student MSC
Nigito Emmanuel PhD Student SUMO
Nikolakopoulos Konstantinos PhD Student MS2M
Nouri Vivien PhD Student MSC
Olivier Philippe Professor (or equiv.) MSC
Orieux Stéphane Research Engineer
Orteu Jean-José Professor (or equiv.) MICS
Périé Jean-Noël Associate Professor MICS
Paccou Thibaut PhD Student MSC
Pannetier Benoit Engineer
Papaix Thomas Technician
Paredes Manuel Professor (or equiv.) MS2M
Paroissien Eric Assistant Professor MS2M
Passieux Jean-Charles Associate Professor MS2M
Pastor Marie-Laetitia Assistant Professor MICS
Patou Julien PhD Student MSC/MICS
Penazzi Luc Associate Professor SUMO
Perrin Marianne Assistant Professor MICS
Piquet Robert Associate Professor MSC
Planques Pierre PhD Student SUMO
Pottier Thomas Assistant Professor SUMO
Qiu Donghai PhD Student MS2M
Rafik Vincent PhD Student MS2M
Ramirez Esther Administrative
Rézaï-Aria Farhad Professor (or equiv.) SUMO
Redonnet Jean-Max Assistant Professor SUMO
Reseco Bato Miguel PhD Student MS2M/SUMO
Rey Pierre André Associate Researcher SUMO
Ribaut Simon Engineer
Rivallant Samuel Professor (or equiv.) MSC
Rocher Gleizes Nathalie Technician
Rodríguez Ramírez Juan de Dios PhD Student MSC
Rodriguez Emmanuel Associate Researcher MS2M
Rogani Ange PhD Student MSC
Rojas-Cárdenas Marcos Assistant Professor MS2M
Rollin Maxime PhD Student SUMO
Ross Annie Invited Professor MS2M
Rossi Fabrice Technician
Rouset Pierrick PhD Student MS2M
Rubio Walter Professor (or equiv.) SUMO
Ruiz De Sotto Miguel PhD Student MS2M
Salaün Michel Professor (or equiv.) MS2M
Salem Mehdi Research Engineer
Sanchez Camargo Cesar Moises PhD Student SUMO
Sani Rababe PhD Student MSC
Sartor Marc Professor (or equiv.) MS2M
Schmidt Fabrice Professor (or equiv.) MSC
Schmollgruber Peter PhD Student MS2M
Schwartz Sébastien PhD Student MS2M
Segonds Stéphane Associate Professor MS2M
Seguy Sébastien Assistant Professor MS2M
Senatore Johanna Assistant Professor SUMO
Sentenac Thierry Associate Professor MICS
Serrano Léonard PhD Student MSC
Sirvin Quentin PhD Student SUMO
Soveja Adriana Assistant Professor SUMO
Stephan Pierre Assistant Professor MS2M
Tebbache Nadège PhD Student MSC
Texier Damien Assistant Professor SUMO/MICS
Thauvin Jérome Research Engineer
Tirvaudey Marie PhD Student MS2M
Tohme Tohme PhD Student MS2M
Tovar Serge Technician
Trellu Antoine PhD Student MSC
Uwizeyimana Placide PhD Student MSC/MICS
Vandevelde Simon PhD Student MS2M
Vasconcellos Birro Thiago PhD Student MSC
Velay Vincent Assistant Professor SUMO
Vellas Mathilde PhD Student MS2M
Vicard Céline PhD Student MSC
Vidal Vanessa Assistant Professor SUMO
Vieillevigne Karine Technician
Vu Duy Duc PhD Student SUMO
Wang Shiqi PhD Student MS2M
Wang Yichang PhD Student MS2M
Wang Yiwei PhD Student MS2M
Yeachana Varun PhD Student MS2M
Younsi Tarek PhD Student SUMO
Zaker Ashkan PhD Student MICS
Zemni Lilia PhD Student MSC
Zitoune Redouane Associate Professor MSC

INSTITUT CLEMENT ADER, 3, rue Caroline Aigle F-31400 Toulouse, France.
Delivery : +33 (0)5 61 17 10 07
Secretary ICA: +33 (0)5 61 17 10 85 or +33 (0)5 61 17 10 82
Fax : +33 (0)5 61 17 10 80