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Sol-gel thermal barrier coatings : optimization of the manufacturing route and durability under cyclic oxidation

Authors: J. Sniezewski, Y. Le Maoult, P. Lours, L. Pin, V. Minvie Bekale, D. Monceau, D. Oquab, J. Fenech, F. Ansart and J.-P. Bonino
Year: 2010
Journal: Surface and Coatings Technology.
Volume: 205, Pages: 1256-1261

DOI: 10.1016/j.surfcoat.2010.10.036
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A new promising and versatile process based on the sol–gel transformation has been developed to deposit yttria-stabilised thermal barrier coatings. The non-oriented microstructure with randomly structured pore network, resulting from the soft chemical process, is expected to show satisfactory thermo-mechanical behaviour when the TBC is cyclically oxidized. First stage of the research consists of optimizing the processing route to generate homogeneous microstructure and controlled surface roughness. The objective is to reduce, as much as possible, the size and depth of the surface cracks network inherent to the process. Indeed, the durability of the TBC when cyclically oxidized strongly depends on the sharpness of those cracks that concentrate thermo-mechanical stresses and generate detrimental propagation resulting in spallation. Cyclic oxidation tests are performed using a cyclic oxidation rig instrumented with CCD cameras to monitor in a real time basis the mechanism of crack propagation and spallation. The impact of various parameters either directly related to the processing route, e.g. the intimate microstructure of the TBC and the TBC thickness, or to the thermal loading, e.g. the oxidation temperature and the cumulated hot time, on the durability of the TBC is investigated.

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