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Measuring strains through the thickness of a composite structural specimen subjected to bending

Authors: M. Mulle, R. Zitoune, F. Collombet, L. Robert and Y.-H. Grunevald
Year: décembre 2009
Journal: Experimental Mechanics.
Volume: 49, Number: 6, Pages: 877-880

DOI: 10.1007/s11340-008-9209-2
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This study concerns the central reinforced zone of a composite structural specimen. In order to estimate the strain distribution during a series of three and four-point bending tests, several optical fiber Bragg grating sensors have been embedded in various levels of the ply stack. Simultaneously, surface strain field measurements by 3-D digital image correlation are undertaken. Both techniques show a general linear distribution of longitudinal strains through the thickness of the thick zone but values are slightly different. A numerical model is developed and a test-calculation dialogue is carried out. The complementary information given by the two optical techniques for in-core and surface measurements reveals the importance of considering structural and edge effects.

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