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Démonstrateur technologique multi-instrumenté (réseaux de Bragg et mesure de champs). Vers un dialogue essais/calculs multi-échelle

Authors: M. Mulle, F. Collombet, B. Trarieux, J.-N. Périé and Y.-H. Grunevald
Year: 2005
Journal: Revue des Composites et des Materiaux Avances.
Volume: 15, Number: 1, Pages: 33-51

DOI: 10.3166/rcma.15.33-51

A multi-instrumented composite technological demonstrator is developed. Presenting design singularities, it allows analysis of the material behaviour within a structure. Various complementary measurement techniques are used (gages, field measurements by digital image correlation and optical fibber with Bragg gratings) to undertake a multi-scale analysis of the strain mechanisms introduced into this structure when it is subjected to a three point bending test. A comparison between the different measurements is carried out. A complementary FE calculation highlights the influence of process parameters on the behaviour.

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