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Spallation Behavior of Thermally Grown Oxide Ceramic Film under Compressive Stresses

Authors: Y. Qi, P. Lours, Y. Le Maoult and Z.B. Zhang
Year: janvier 2009
Journal: Rare Metal Materials and Engineering.
Volume: 38, Number: 2, Pages: 1150-1153

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Spallation behavior of thermally grown oxide ceramic film for PM2000 Fe-Cr-Al alloy under compressive stresses were studied by surface impression method and CCD monitoring technique. The results show that the film adhesion can be qualitatively understood by testing crack region area or crack width around impression induced from surface impression technique, that is, the larger the crack region area or the wider the crack, the poorer the film adhesion; Oxide film initial spallation temperature and the spalled regions morphology, site, area fraction can be obtained by monitoring continuously the film surface morphology using CCD camera during cooling from high temperature to ambient temperature which provide many useful information for understanding the spallation mechanism of thermally grown oxide ceramic film. Key words: thermally grown oxide ceramic film; spallation; surface impression technique; CCD monitoring technique

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