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Use of 3-D Digital Image Correlation to characterize the mechanical behavior of a Fiber Reinforced Refractory Castable

Authors: L. Robert, F. Nazaret, T. Cutard and J.-J. Orteu
Year: décembre 2007
Journal: Experimental Mechanics.
Volume: 47, Number: 6, Pages: 761-773

DOI: 10.1007/s11340-007-9062-8
HAL-CNRS: hal-00840004
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Refractory castables exhibit very low fracture strain levels when sub jected to tension or bending. The main objective of this work is to show that 3-D digital image correlation (3-D DIC) allows such low strain levels to be measured. Compared to mechanical extensometer measurements, 3-D DIC makes it possible to reach similar strain resolution levels and to avoid the problem of position dependance related to the heterogeneous nature of the strain and to strain localization phenomena. First, the 3-D DIC method and the experimental set-up are presented. Secondly, an analysis of the 3-D DIC method is performed in order to evaluate the resolution, the standard uncertainty and the spatial resolution for both displacement and strain measurements. An optimized compromise between strain spatial resolution and standard uncertainty is reached for the configuration of the experimental bending test. Finally, the macroscopic mechanical behavior of a fiber reinforced refractory castable (FRRC) is studied using mechanical extensometry and 3-D DIC in the case of tensile and four-point bending tests. It is shown that similar results are obtained with both methods. Furthermore, in the case of bending tests on damaged castable, 3-D DIC results demonstrate the ability to determine Young's modulus from heterogeneous strain fields better than by using classical beam deflection measurements.

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