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Design of SPF dies based on advanced material behaviour models

Authors: G. Bernhart, F. Nazaret, A. Martinier, C.Y. Gao, D. Garriga Majo, T. Cutard and P. Lours
Year: 2004
Journal: Materials Science Forum.
Volume: 447-448, Pages: 123-130

DOI: 10.4028/
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Numerical simulation was performed on an axi-symmetric metallic die during a whole life cycle. It was shown that most important stresses are generated by the thermal gradients during heating up and repeated die removal from the press furnace and also by the clamping pressure during forming. The forming itself causes non dimensioning stresses. Creep relaxation during forming induces plastic deformation and distortion of mould after cooling down. To increase simulation relevance, new behaviour models are investigated for three classes of materials candidate for SPF dies: heat resistant cast steels, fibre reinforced refractory concretes and low cost monolithic ceramics.

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