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Effect of sealed anodic film on fatigue performance of 2214-T6 aluminium alloy

Authors: M. Shahzad, M. Chaussumier, R. Chieragatti, C. Mabru and F. Rézaï-aria
Year: 2012
Journal: Surface and Coatings Technology.
Volume: 206, Number: 11-12, Pages: 2733-2739

DOI: 10.1016/j.surfcoat.2011.10.033
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The aim of present study is to investigate the influence of anodic film, grown by sulfuric acid anodizing and sealed in nickel-acetate solution, on fatigue strength of aluminum alloy 2214-T6 by conducting axial fatigue tests at stress ratio ‘R’ of 0.1 and − 1. The influence of sealed anodic film is to degrade the stress-life (S-N) fatigue performance of the base material at all stress levels. Effects of pre-treatments like degreasing and pickling employed prior to anodizing were also studied and no influence of these pre-treatments was observed on fatigue life. The surface and cross-section observations of anodic film were made by scanning electron microscope (SEM) before and after fatigue tests. The surface observations have revealed cavities which resulted from dissolution of coarse Al2Cu particles during anodization and network of micro-cracks on anodic film surface which were initiated as a result of sealing process. Some of these micro-cracks were found to penetrate up-to substrate and have detrimental effect on subsequent fatigue strength. The decrease in fatigue life for anodized-sealed specimens as compared to bare condition has been attributed to decrease in initiation period and multi-site crack initiations. Multi-site crack initiation has resulted in rougher fractured surfaces for the anodized specimens as compared to bare specimens tested at same stress levels.

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