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Influence of anodizing process on fatigue life of machined aluminium alloy

Authors: M. Shahzad, M. Chaussumier, R. Chieragatti, C. Mabru and F. Rézaï-aria
Year: 2010
Proceedings de : 10th International Fatigue Conference .
In Procedia Engineering Vol. 2 Issue 1
Pages 1015-1024

DOI: 10.1016/j.proeng.2010.03.108
OATAO: 3993
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In order to investigate the coupled effects of machining and anodizing processes on fatigue life of alloy 7010-T7451, a series of rotating bending fatigue tests were conducted at 60Hz. In the as machined condition, test results showed that fatigue life is surface roughness dependent and that fatigue life decreases with an increase in surface roughness and this effect is found to be more pronounced in high cycle fatigue where major portion of fatigue life is consumed in nucleating the cracks. Effects of pretreatments, like degreasing and pickling employed prior to anodizing, on fatigue life of the given alloy were also studied. Results demonstrated that degreasing showed no change in fatigue life while pickling had negative impact on fatigue life of specimens. The small decrease in fatigue life of anodized specimens as compare to pickled specimens is attributed to brittle and microcracking of the coating. Scanning electron microscopic (SEM) examination revealed multi-site crack initiation for the pickled and anodized specimens. SEM examination showed that pickling solution attacked the grain boundaries and intermetallic inclusions present on the surface resulting in pits formation. These pits are of primary concern with respect to accelerated fatigue crack nucleation and subsequent anodized coating formation.

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