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Investigation Of Crack Propagation In X38crmov5 (aisi H11) Tool Steel At Elevated Temperatures

Authors: M. Shah, C. Mabru and F. Rézaï-aria
Year: 2010
Proceedings de : 10th International Fatigue Conference .
In Procedia Engineering Vol. 2 Issue 1
Pages 2045-2054

DOI: 10.1016/j.proeng.2010.03.220
OATAO: 3947
Référencé ISI Web Of Science

A method is developed to evaluate the surface fatigue damage of hot forming tools (forging, HPDC) that undergo thermo mechanical loading and environmental attack. Crack propagation under fatigue loading in a hot work tool steel X38CrMoV5-47HRC is investigated using SENT (single edge notched tension) specimens of 2.5*8 mm*mm section. The effect of different testing conditions has been investigated: effect of thickness (ranging from 2.5mm – 0.10mm), effect of R value and effect of temperature are observed on crack propagation properties of the steel. Paris curves are established. Numerical simulation is performed by ABAQUS® Standard to evaluate J integral and stress intensity factor KI. A new crack driving force parameter is introduced. Mechanisms of crack propagation have been studied under different test conditions.

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