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Simplified Modelling Of The Behaviour Of A 3d Periodic Structures Such As Aircraft Heat Exchanger

Authors: J. Rishmany, C. Mabru, R. Chieragatti and F. Rézaï-aria
Year: 2008
Journal: International Journal Of Mechanical Sciences.
Volume: 50, Number: 6, Pages: 1114-1122

DOI: 10.1016/j.ijmecsci.2008.01.006
OATAO: 239
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In this paper, experimental, analytical and numerical analysis are used to study and model the mechanical behaviour of a heat exchanger core consisting of a 3D-periodic structure. The purpose of the present investigation is not only to acquire knowledge on the mechanical behaviour of a given heat exchanger core but also to propose a simplified approach to model this behaviour. An experimental study is carried out in order to get an insight on the mechanical behaviour of this structure. Global static characteristics are obtained via analytical and finite element analysis of a unit cell of the core. Dynamic behaviour is studied by means of finite element calculations based on the results of the static modelling. The proposed approach is validated by comparison with experimental tests results.

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