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Influence Of Coating On The Thermal Resistance Of A Ni-based Superalloy

Authors: C. Mabru, N. Stephan and R. Chieragatti
Year: 2006
Journal: International Journal of Damage Mechanics.
Volume: 15, Number: 4, Pages: 375-391

DOI: 10.1177/1056789506058049
OATAO: 238
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In this paper, the influence of M-CrAlY polycrystalline coating on the thermal fatigue behavior of a Nickel-base superalloy has been investigated. A special device using a rotating bending machine and two thermal sources has been used to perform thermo-mechanical tests. The two thermal sources have been set to obtain temperature variations between 750 and 1120 °C in the central part of the specimens, with a frequency of 0.1 Hz. The results showed a deleterious effect of the coating on the fatigue resistance. Numerical simulations have been carried out on SAMCEF to determine the thermo-mechanical field of the so-tested specimens. Calculated thermo-mechanical cycles of critical sites are associated with microstructure evolution and damage by cracking observed on the specimens. Damage mechanisms related to the presence of coating are discussed.

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Author={Mabru, C. and Stephan, N. and Chieragatti, R.},
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