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Crack propagation in X38CrMoV5 (AISI H11) tool steel

Authors: M. Shah, C. Mabru, C. Boher, S. Le Roux and F. Rézaï-aria
Year: 2009
Proceedings de : 8th International Tooling Conference.
ISBN : ISBN 978-3-8107-9305-8
Pages 83-94

OATAO: 2933

A method is proposed for the evaluation of surface fatigue damage of hot forming tools that undergo severe thermo mechanical loading. Fatigue crack propagation in a hot work tool steel X38CrMoV5-47HRC is investigated using single-edge cracked tension specimens (SET). The effect of thickness (ranging from 2,5mm to 0.10mm) and R values is investigated. Numerical simulation is performed by ABAQUS® Standard to evaluate J integral and stress intensity factor KI. The Paris curves are established. Short crack propagation in thin specimens is addressed. Effect of slip bands on crack propagation mechanism is investigated.

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