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Coupled visco-mechanical and diffusion void growth modelling during composite curing

Authors: Y. Ledru, G. Bernhart, F. Schmidt, R. Piquet and L. Michel
Year: 2010
Journal: Composites Science and Technology.
Volume: 70, Pages: 2139-2145

DOI: 10.1016/j.compscitech.2010.08.013
OATAO: 4380
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Most critical processing step during long fiber reinforced epoxy matrix composite laminate manufacturing is the polymerization stage. If not optimized, it gives birth to defects in the bulk material, such as voids. These defects are considered as possible sources of damage in the composite parts. The aim of this work is to model the evolution of void growth in thermoset composite laminates after ply collation (autoclave processes) or resin impregnation (RTM, LCM process). A coupled mechanical and diffusion model is presented to better predict the final void size at the end of polymerization. Amongst the parameter investigated, onset of pressure application and diffusive species concentration where found to have a major effect on void size evolution during curing process.

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