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Modelling cutting forces in milling on torus cutters

Authors: P. Gilles, F. Monies and W. Rubio
Year: 2006
Journal: International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials.
Volume: 1, Number: 2, Pages: 166-185

DOI: 10.1504/IJMMM.2006.011061

This paper proposes modelling of cutting forces in milling for torus milling cutters (or filleted end cutters). In order to implement an accurate model, the study is conducted in full slotting. The model presented allows cutting forces to be predicted so as to anticipate their influence during machining. A number of aspects were addressed. Firstly, an analysis of the cross-section of the chip and a load model with this type of milling cutter will be presented. Secondly, a method to identify parameters for the model will be addressed. Finally, a model of the transverse force is implemented. Knowledge of this force component is important as it produces the deflection of the milling cutter during machining. Thus, it is this force component that generates a large proportion of the defects on machined surfaces. The entire study is backed up by an analysis of the machining context and proposes a theoretical model, a method to determine parameters for the model and an experimental validation.

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