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Optimum orientation of a torus milling cutter: Method to balance the transversal cutting force

Authors: P. Gilles, F. Monies and W. Rubio
Year: décembre 2007
Journal: International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture.
Volume: 47, Number: 15, Pages: 2263–2272

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In this paper, a new method for tool positioning in milling on torus cutters with round inserts is presented. A new criterion associated with balancing of the transversalcuttingforce is used to compute a tool orientation. The considered tool inclination is towards the back of the tool. In this case, all inserts work simultaneously and generate a continuous cutting phenomenon. Each of the inserts produces atransversalcuttingforce; some being positive while others are negative. A small tool axis inclination angle leads to balancing the transversalcuttingforce exerted on the tool and then reducing deflection and vibrations in milling operations. Firstly, this approach to the dynamic aspects relating to cuttingforces in the milling process is significant for mould and die manufacturing since it allows polishing time to be reduced. In addition, as vibrations are reduced, enhanced surface quality can be obtained directly on free-form surfaces such as aeronautic fittings.

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