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Determining a collision-free domain for the tool in five-axis machining

Authors: F. Monies, M. Mousseigne, J.-M. Redonnet and W. Rubio
Year: 2004
Journal: International Journal of Production Research.
Volume: 42, Number: 21, Pages: 4513-4530

DOI: 10.1080/00207540410001717290
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The present paper considers correction of global collisions of a milling cutter on end milling of free-form surfaces on five-axis numerical controlled machine tools. Global collision refers to the collision of the cutter body with the part surfaces and the machine parts. For a tool with a flat, torus or spherical end, which is assumed to enter into collision with its side, a corrective method that will ensure its disengagement in relation to the surfaces of the work piece was defined. The main methods available for the detection and correction of global collisions were first introduced. A determination of all solutions for non-interference using two angles of correction was then sought. A series of solutions to obtain unique positioning was then proposed. Finally, an example of a complete trajectory free from global interference was introduced to validate the method.

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