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Numerical simulation of resin transfer molding using linear boundary element method

Authors: F. Schmidt, P. Lafleur, F. Berthet and P. Devos
Year: décembre 1999
Journal: Polymer Composites.
Volume: 20, Number: 6, Pages: 725-732

DOI: 10.1002/pc.10396
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Abstract: Using mass conservation and Darcy's law to describe flow through isotropic porous media leads to a Laplace equation, which may be solved numerically at each time step using the boundary element method. For anisotropic porous media in which the permeability matrix is symmetric, the problem can be solved in the same way by rotating and stretching the coordinates. The numerical model has been compared with analytical solutions and experimental data in the case of radial front flows and with finite element for a frontal injection.

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Author={Schmidt, F. and Lafleur, P. and Berthet, F. and Devos, P.},
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