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Enhanced model of four ways servovalves characteristics and its validation at low temperature

Authors: J.-C. Maré and B. Attar
Year: 2008
Journal: International Journal of Fluid Power.
Volume: 9, Number: 2, Pages: 35-43

This paper deals with the modelling of sliding spool valves that are used in hydraulic actuation systems. A new model of continuity between opened and closed orifice configurations is proposed and validated from -40 to +32 de-grees Celsius. It aims at reproducing accurately the experimental pressure gain, flow gain and leakage flow for a wide range of operating temperatures and without a very detailed knowledge of the valve design. The proposed unified model of flow at valve orifices considers the mode of operation (opened or closed orifice) and the flow conditions (laminar or turbulent) with special attention to continuity around the hydraulic null. The leakage flow in closed orifice configuration is modelled with reference to a short orifice instead of a laminar gap between infinite planes. The parameter identification and model validation processes are presented in detail and the results are displayed for an aerospace flight control servovalve.

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