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Some energy conservative schemes for vibro-impacts of a beam on rigid obstacles

Authors: C. Pozzolini and M. Salaün
Year: décembre 2011
Journal: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis.
Volume: 45, Number: 6, Pages: 1163-1192

DOI: 10.1051/m2an/2011008
OATAO: 8884
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Caused by the problem of unilateral contact during vibrations of satellite solar arrays, the aim of this paper is to better understand such a phenomenon. Therefore, it is studied here a simplified model composed by a beam moving between rigid obstacles. Our purpose is to describe and compare some families of fully discretized approximations and their properties, in the case of non-penetration Signorini's conditions. For this, starting from the works of Dumont and Paoli, we adapt to our beam model the singular dynamic method introduced by Renard. A particular emphasis is given in the use of a restitution coefficient in the impact law. Finally, various numerical results are presented and energy conservation capabilities of the schemes are investigated.

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