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Multiscale method for optimal design of composite structures incorporating sensors

Authors: F. Collombet, M. Mulle, Y.-H. Grunevald and R. Zitoune
Year: janvier 2006
Journal: Solid Mechanics and Its Applications .
Volume: 135, Pages: 141-149

DOI: 10.1007/1-4020-4566-2_16
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This paper deals with the challenge related to the improvement of the dialogue “calculation - test” in the design of composite structures by taking into account the influence of the manufacturing conditions of the composite material within the structure in the frame of a multiscale method. The incidence of discrepancies on the meso and the macro scales between the measurements and the calculation are evaluated on the variability of the input data used for numerical calculation (concerning the elastic characteristics of the composite material), thanks to the scientific added value of in core measurements using optical fibers with Bragg gratings.

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