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Comprehensive Review on Drilling of Multimaterials Stacks

Authors: K. Vijayan, R. Zitoune and F. Collombet
Year: 2010
Journal: Journal of Machining and Forming Technologies.
Volume: 2, Number: 3/4, Pages: 171-200

Composite materials are becoming more important to aerospace, naval, space, and automotive companies. Skin temperatures in next-generation military and commercial aircraft may approach 177ºC. Because of their light weight and stability at elevated temperature, various titanium-graphite hybrid composite (TiGr) materials have the potential to solve this problem ( In these composite structures, cut-outs and holes are to be produced in large numbers. For example, in an aircraft fuselage structure, around 10 million holes are required for joining purposes (Terry Richardson 1987). Drilling of dissimilar material like graphite/carbon composite metal stack or some times carbon, titanium and aluminium stacks are required for joining purposes. Drilling of such materials is a challenging task to manufacturing engineers because of differential machining properties. The difficulties in drilling polymer matrix composites, titanium and polymer matrix composite and Titanium stacks are discussed in this paper. Keywords: Polymer matrix composites and Titanium stack, Drilling, Machinability,

Bibtex citation :
Author={Vijayan, K. and Zitoune, R. and Collombet, F.},
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