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Reinforced sol gel thermal barrier coatings and their cyclic oxidation life

Authors: L. Pin, F. Ansart, J.-P. Bonino, Y. Le Maoult, V. Vidal and P. Lours
Year: 2013
Journal: Journal of the European Ceramic Society.
Volume: 33, Number: 2, Pages: 269-276

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Cyclic oxidation life enhancement of sol–gel thermal barrier coatings is obtained via the reinforcement of the controlled micro-crack network that forms during the initial sintering of the deposit. Two different sol–gel methods are used to fill in the process-induced cracks, namely dip-coating nand spray-coating. Filling parameters, for instance the number of passes or the viscosity of the sol are adjusted, using various techniques such as profilometry and microstructural analysis, to optimise crack filling. Cyclic oxidation tests are implemented at both 1100 ◦C and 1150 ◦C to investigate the efficiency of the various reinforcement procedures developed and address the influence of the specific microstructure on the oxidation behaviour.

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