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Contribution to the modelling of a cross-country skier skiing in its environment

Authors: F. Rey , A. Ferrand and H. Makhloufi
Year: juillet 2012
Journal: Mechanics and Industry.
Volume: 13, Number: 02, Pages: 127-136

DOI: 10.1051/meca/2012008
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he studied movement is the “offset” skating technique. It is typically used by the skier for higher-force-requirement situations: climbing up a hill, handling conditions (slow snow or head-wind) or in low force situations. It is a thrust with the both poles for each full stroke-cycle of the legs. Firstly, we have made a model of a skier for a movement cycle and secondly a mechanical analysis to validate this model. This work was made thanks to the biomechanics software “LifeModeler”, plug-in of ADAMS software, which is a kinematic and dynamic simulation tool. LifeModeler creates a human body as an anthropomorphic robot and ADAMS allows equipping it with tools and placing it on a ground. We have built a dynamic model in 3D for the skier in its environment, that is, with its equipment on the snow. The final goal is to analyze performances parameters effect and to maximize the movement effectiveness, what is possible by perfecting gesture, equipment and by optimizing materials used in this sport.

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