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Porosités dans les stratifiés carbone/polymère : critère d’admissibilité et modélisation des propriétés mécaniques

Authors: P. Olivier, P. Marguerès, B. Mascaro and F. Collombet
Year: 2007
Proceedings de : JNC15 - 15èmes Journées Nationales sur les Composites, Marseille (France).
Pages 73-80

Voids in composite laminates have been extensively studied (Rubin, 94) (Shim, 97) (Campbell, 95). Beyond the topics of explaining void origins and growth (Kardos, 86), of optimizing the pressure curing path aiming to reduce void content (Olivier, 95), several research work has also been performed on the influence of voids upon physical (Choi, 01) and mechanical characteristics (Almeida, 94) of laminates. In consideration of this bibliographical background, it has been decide to focus our research work on the development of a criterion of voids acceptability with respect to laminates mechanical properties. This criterion is based on ultrasonic attenuation measurements performed on 8 or 16 plies U.D. laminates (Olivier, 06). The slope of the ultrasonic absorption coefficient has been interrelated with void contents and mechanical ultimate strengths. This study was performed on two composites materials so-called of 2nd and 3rd generation.

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