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A simplified stress analysis of bonded joints using macro elements

Authors: E. Paroissien, F. Lachaud and T. Jacobs
Year: 2013
Dans l'ouvrage : Advances in modeling and design of adhesively bonded systems
Chapitre : 4
Pages : 93-146.
Edition : MITALL K. L.; KUMAR S..
OATAO: 17649

The Finite Element (FE) method is able to address the stress analysis of bonded joints. Nevertheless, analyses based on FE models are computationally expensive and it would be profitable to develop simplified approaches enabling extensive parametric studies. Firstly, a 1D-bar and a 1D-beam simplified models for the bonded joint stress analysis assuming a linear elastic adhesive material are presented. These models are derived using an approach, inspired by the finite element (FE) method and based on the formulation of a 4-node macro-element, which is able to simulate an entire bonded overlap. Moreover, a linear shear stress variation in the adherend thickness is included in the formulation. Secondly, a numerical procedure is presented which takes into account non-linear adhesive material behaviors and is illustrated using elastic perfectly plastic, bi-linear plastic and bi-triangular damaging adhesives. Test cases are provided, in order to show that the same hypotheses lead to the same results. Finally, for assessment purpose, assuming an elastic perfectly plastic adhesive behavior following the Von Mises yield criterion, the results obtained by the simplified 1D-beam model are compared with the results predicted by the 3D FE model. Good agreement is shown.

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