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Modélisation élastoplastique endommageable des composites

Authors: F. Lachaud, E. Haramburu and P. Jetteur
Year: janvier 2006
Journal: Mécanique & Industries.
Volume: 7, Number: 4,

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The objective of this work is to understand and model the mechanical behavior of various types of composites materials (short fibres, laminates. . . ) by the coupling of a micromechanical model and a damage model. The micromechanical model makes it possible to determine the elastic characteristics of material starting from the data on the fibers and the matrix by a homogenization technique. The damage model by the use of the coupling between isotropic and/or non-linear kinematic hardening with the damage, allows taken into account of the development of the residual strains and the increase of the pseudo-yield stress during the loading.

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