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Simulation of IR heating for composite stamping

Authors: A. El Bakali , O. De Almeida, J. Bikard, M. Villiere, F. Schmidt, Y. Le Maoult and M. Dauphin
Year: 2013
Journal: Key Engineering Materials.
Volume: 554-557, Pages: 1523-1529

DOI: 10.4028/
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A first modelling approach of the heating step of the composite stamping process is proposed in this study wherein the composite is considered as a homogeneous material. The thermal and optical properties have been measured and implemented in the commercial software ComsolMultiphysics (TM) in order to predict the temperature field throughout a composite volume. The proposed methodology is applied to three Polyamide 6.6 composites reinforced with carbon or glass fibres and simulationsare compared with experimental results. Moreover, an original method based on inverse analysis and using IR camera measurements has been developedin order to determine the in-plane thermal conductivity of thin composite sheets.

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