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Historical evolution and challenges in aerospace actuation

Authors: J.-C. Maré
Year: juin 2012
Conference : Actuators 2012, Bremen, 18-20 June 2012. Invited keynote lecture

This communication deals with actuation and actuation systems for aerospace, focussing on hydraulic and electric power transmission architectures for airplanes, helicopters and launchers. The specificity of the aerospace domain is presented first. Then the historical review addresses the progressive evolution from mechanically signalled to fly-by-wire actuators with special considerations to direct-drive valves and control loop topology. The review deals later with power transmission, from manual activation to power-by-wire, through the well established hydraulically powered designs. Special attention is paid to research and development programs as well as to the recent introduction of EHA / EBHA or EMA on the Airbus A380 or Boeing 787. The second part is dedicated to the challenges to be taken up with short and long term views. Advanced hydraulic, hybrid and more electrical actuation for conventional kinematics and integration within the aircraft are firstly discussed. Then, non-standard configurations with new views on systems/structure integration and new features are briefly introduced.

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