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Load allocation problem for optimal design of aircraft electrical power system

Authors: X. Giraud, M. Sartor, X. Roboam, B. Sareni, H. Piquet, M. Budinger and S. Vial
Year: 2013
Journal: International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics.
Volume: 43, Number: 1-2, Pages: 1-13

More and more electric systems are embedded in today aircraft. As a result, the complexity of electrical power system design is increasing and the need of generic and efficient design methods is today required. Among numerous design tasks, the allocation of electric systems on the busbars of the electrical power system is considered as an important one since it has a direct impact on the aircraft mass. But due to the high number of possible allocations and regarding the large diversity of potential sizing cases for the equipments, finding the optimal allocation of electric loads is a hard task. In this paper, the problem is formalized mathematically. Then, four stochastic optimization methods are assessed on complex load allocation problems. Based on this assessment, a genetic algorithm using niching method is considered as the most appropriate algorithm for solving this aircraft design problem.

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