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Scaling-law-based metamodels for the sizing of mechatronic systems

Authors: M. Budinger, J.-C. Passieux, C. Gogu and A. Fraj
Year: octobre 2014
Journal: Mechatronics.
Volume: 24, Number: 7, Pages: 775–787

DOI: 10.1016/j.mechatronics.2013.11.012
HAL-CNRS: hal-00949210
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This paper presents a new metamodel form and associated construction procedure adapted to the sizing tasks of mechatronics systems. This method of meta-modeling uses scaling laws to extract compact forms of design models from local numerical simulations (FEM). Compared to traditional metamodels (polynomial response surfaces, kriging, radial basis function) the scaling-law-based metamodels have the advantage of a light, compact form and good predictive accuracy over a wide range of the design variables (several orders of magnitude). The general regression process is first explained and then illustrated on different examples: a purely numerical test function, a limited angle electromagnetic actuator and a flexible mechanical hinge

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