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Low-order finite element method for the well-posed bidimensional Stokes problem

Authors: M. Salaün and S. Salmon
Year: 2015
Journal: IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis.
Volume: 35, Number: 1, Pages: 427-453

DOI: 10.1093/imanum/drt063
OATAO: 10956

We work on a low-order finite element approximation of the vorticity, velocity and pressure formulation of the bidimensional Stokes problem. In a previous paper, we have introduced the adequate space where to look for the vorticity in order to have a well-posed problem. In this paper, we deal with the numerical approximation of this space, prove optimal convergence of the scheme and show numerical experiments in good accordance with the theory. Remark that despite one supplementary unknown (the vorticity), results of the scheme are much better than the ones obtained with the P1 plus bubble−P1 element in velocity-pressure formulation.

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