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Usinage par jet d’eau abrasif pour la réparation de pièces composites primaires aéronautiques

Authors: F. Collombet, L. Crouzeix, F. Cénac, Y.-H. Grunevald, Y. Davila, A. Cerisier and B. Douchin
Year: décembre 2013
Journal: Revue des Composites et des Materiaux Avances.
Volume: 23, Number: 3, Pages: 459-482

DOI: 10.3166/rcma.23.459-482
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Experimental protocol of Abrasive Water Jet (AWJ) milling is presented for composite material machining. It deals with a model concerning on one side, the optimal abrasive flow versus pressure, the diameter of tube and machined depth, and on the other, the feed rate versus the pressure, the tube diameter, the ratio of abrasive optimum flow and the required depth. Carbon/epoxy coupons are machined, repaired, and tested to estimate behavior of a step-lap repair. Digital Image Correlations as well as FEM simulations are used to study the release of residual stresses during machining. Machined plates are repaired by laying up same stack of epoxy-carbon plies with one ply shifting and cured in autoclave. Experimental results in traction are discussed between repaired coupons and healthy ones.

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