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Quantitative temperature field measurements on a non-grey multi-materials scene by thermoreflectometry

Authors: R. Gilblas, T. Sentenac, D. Hernandez and Y. Le Maoult
Year: septembre 2014
Journal: Infrared Physics and Technology.
Volume: 66, Pages: 70-77

DOI: 10.1016/j.infrared.2014.05.014
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This article addresses the problem of measuring an accurate temperature field on a multi-materials scene composed of two dielectric and one metallic materials. The measurements of thermo-radiative properties demonstrate that the scene exhibit very different emissivity spectra and thermal conductivities inducing high thermal gradients. From these radiative properties, the calculation of the theoretical temperature error of conventional passive methods highlights that a method may be suitable for measuring only one material but no method provides satisfactory measurements of the sets of materials. The proposed method, called thermoreflectometry, performs a simultaneous measurement on all materials thanks to an on-line indirect determination of emissivity based on a bidirectional reflectivity measurement. Its temperature error is compared to that of the selected passive method for each material through an experimental validation on the multi-materials scene. These results highlight the accuracy of thermoreflectometry and shows opening prospects for the on-line temperature control of dynamical processes.

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