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Non-intrusive coupling: recent advances and scalable nonlinear domain decomposition

Authors: M. Duval, J.-C. Passieux, M. Salaün and S. Guinard
Year: mars 2016
Journal: Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering.
Volume: 23, Number: 1, Pages: 17-38

DOI: 10.1007/s11831-014-9132-x
HAL-CNRS: hal-01065538
OATAO: 14634
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This paper provides a detailed review of the global/local non-intrusive coupling algorithm. Such method allows to alter a global finite element model, without actually modifying its corresponding numerical operator. We also look into improvement of the initial algorithm (Quasi-Newton and dynamic relaxation), and provide comparison based on several relevant test cases. Innovative examples and advanced applications of the non-intrusive coupling algorithm are provided, granting a handy framework for both researchers and engineers willing to make use of such process. Finally, a novel nonlinear domain decomposition method is derived from the global/local non-intrusive coupling strategy, without the need to use a parallel code or software. Such method being intended to large scale analysis, we show its scalability. Jointly, an efficient high level Message Passing Interface coupling framework is also proposed, granting an universal and flexible way for easy software coupling. A sample code is also given.

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