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Profile incision modeling in Abrasive waterjet milling of Titanium alloys Ti6Al4V

Authors: T. Sultan, P. Gilles, G. Cohen, F. Cenac and W. Rubio
Year: juin 2014
Proceedings de : Integrated Design and Manufacturing in Mechanical Engineering.

Abrasive water jet milling (AWJM) is a new way to perform controlled depth milling especially for hard materials, but it’s not yet enough reliable because of large variety of process parameters and complex footprint geometries are not well mastered. In order to master the milling device in AWJM, a deep study on the footprint of a single path of the cutting head should first be considered. The flow of the AWJ and the distribution of abrasive particles coming out of the jet are related to the profile measured on the footprint. In this study, experiments were made on titanium alloys specimen to compare several theoretical models to the measured profile of the footprint. This study establishes new models to fit the incision profile taking in consideration the behavior of the abrasive particles impacting the workpiece.

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