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Comparaison expérience Calcul numérique des endommagements induits par perçage de structures composites fibres longues en Carbone/Epoxy

Authors: R. Zitoune and F. Collombet
Year: 2005
Journal: Revue des Composites et des Materiaux Avances.
Volume: 15, Number: 1, Pages: 105-125

In this paper, we propose experimental and numerical analysis of defects which are located on the wall of the hole and at exit of the hole during the drilling phase of long fibre composite structures. The wall defect is analyzed thanks to an experimental study of the orthogonal cut on the unidirectional laminates in the directions of 0°, + 45°, 90° and - 45°. This study led to the construction of numerical models allowing of prediction of cutting forces in the cases of fibres forming an angle of 0° and +45° with the cutting speed direction. For the analysis of the defect at exit of hole, a numerical modelling by F. E. analysis within a quasi static framework to predict the thrust forces responsible for the defect at exit of the hole during the drilling phase of long fibres composite structures. This numerical model compared with the analytical models existing in the literature - takes into account the tool point geometry as well as the shear force effects in the laminate. The validation of the numerical model is carried out thanks to tests of punching at low speed on two types of semi products in long fibre carbon / epoxy manufactured by Hexcel Composites Company.

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