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Modelling Strategies for Simulating Delamination and Matrix Cracking in Composite Laminates

Authors: F. Lachaud, C. Espinosa, L. Michel, R. Piquet and P. Rahme
Year: août 2015
Journal: Applied Composite Materials.
Volume: 22, Number: 4, Pages: 377-403

DOI: 10.1007/s10443-014-9413-4
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The composite materials are nowadays widely used in aeronautical domain. These materials are subjected to different types of loading that can damage a part of the structure. This diminishes the resistance of the structure to failure. In this paper, matrix cracking and delamination propagation in composite laminates are simulated as a part of damage. Two different computational strategies are developed: (i) a cohesive model (CM) based on the classical continuum mechanics and (ii) a continuous damage material model (CDM) coupling failure modes and damage. Another mixed methodology (MM) is proposed using the continuous damage model for delamination initiation and the cohesive model for 3D crack propagation and mesh openings. A good agreement was obtained when compared simple characterization tests and corresponding simulations.

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