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Analyse du comportement mécanique des assemblages boulonnés composites à renforts tissés

Authors: F. Lachaud, R. Piquet, G. Aldebert , J. Huet and L. Michel
Year: novembre 2014
Journal: Revue des Composites et des Materiaux Avances.
Volume: 24, Number: 4, Pages: 449-464

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Composite structures are increasingly present in the aeronautical field. For some complex parts, woven composites appear to be more suitable because of their better draping properties. For aircraft manufacturing, structures are generally assembled by mechanical fasteners. So, studying bolted joints is an essential step for the design of aircraft structures. This work presents a study of woven composite bolted joints behavior (carbon-epoxy G803/914 S5). The aim is to understand and model damage and failure mechanisms of in these bolted joints. An experimental study in order to identify mechanical behavior of the woven ply was conducted. A mesoscopic damage and failure behavior is presented and has been identified. Then, the work done on bolte d “double-lap” and “single-lap” joints have permitted to show the influence of geometrical and technological parameters on the failure behavior. Several associated numerical finite element models (based on the identified ply behavior) were carried out to test their ability to reproduce observed failure modes. Good results have been obtained and some experimental and numerical improvements are proposed.

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