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Ultrasonic ice protection systems: analytical and numerical models for architecture trade-off

Authors: M. Budinger, V. Pommier-budinger, G. Napias and A. Costa Da Silva
Year: 2016
Journal: Journal of Aircraft.
Volume: Online,

DOI: 10.2514/1.C033625
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Protection systems against ice are conventionally produced by pneumatic or electro-thermal solutions. However, they are characterized by high energy consumption. This article focuses on low-consumption electromechanical deicing solutions. After a state of the art to identify the main features of electromechanical deicing devices, a pre-stressed piezoelectric transducer-based architecture enabling to reach an interesting compromise to meet all requirements is proposed and studied. The architecture is developed using analytical models validated by numerical simulations and complemented by measures on prototypes. These models allow performing trend studies which highlight the resonance modes and the ultrasonic frequency ranges which lead to low-consumption and compact ultrasonic deicing devices.

Bibtex citation :
Author={Budinger, M. and Pommier-budinger, V. and Napias, G. and Costa Da Silva, A.},
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